Design for disaster preparedness

I co-designed community resilience program as part of pre-disaster education which was assigned from FEMA to come up with different ways to prefer disaster at a community level. Specially I focused on touch points of the system such as user flow in service as well as the website, logo design, and articulating value of the service to the community.

After reading "Unthinkable" and visiting Breezy Point, where Sandy was hit hard, it became clear of what we need to design. It was interesting to see that people do exactly what they did the day before when a disaster happens. Daily routines and activities are important for disaster preparation.

Our design team worked with Super Smith to establish  MAKERMENDER project. 


Super Smith

James Clotfelter, Collen Doyle, Gulraiz Khan, Martin Storkholm


MAKERMENDER is a movement, platform, and service to communities that want to build resiliency in both a steady state as well as a disaster state by sharing skills and knowledge with neighbors.

MAKERMEMDER provides information about events, as well as "how to host", "how to share", and "how to document". By providing this, any community can host their own event and use the model through the website. Also, the web site is used as a repository of skills and stories that have been shared from each event. Instructions are shared as a blog and resources that have been recognized in the community through the event would be marked on the map.