Designing data smart city

As a part of design for New Museum IDEAS City Festival, interdisciplinary salon The think tank W.I.R.E., Savida, ETH Zurich joined by the Environmental Health Clinic, Kikstarter, Google Creative Lab and Parsons The New School for design set out to generate ideas for Smart City.

I led the team in idea development process and put into presentation piece to pitch "MeSA" to W.I.R.E., Google Creative Lab and others.


Christopher Edward, Jonas Duss, Sneha Srinvasan, Adrea Burgueno


MeSA is for the middle class, a group of consumers that generates the largest of data for credit card companies.

My team identified that the middle class is interested in maintaining or upgrading their status. Based on this interest, the need is of the group is to find better ways to juggle sharing of credit card data and agency of it.

MeSA is a new credit card service which gives people different interest rates depending on their willingness to share data. This will increase awareness of a credit card company's use of data as well as transparency. The implementation of MeSA would require convincing existing card companies to implement the service or raise funds to start a new card company. It could also be delivered in the form of co-ops.

The strength of MeSA is when consumers share data with company, they can receive lower interest rate if they share it more locally. This would lead to strengthened local businesses as well as local governments.