Interaction and Visual Design

Corporate Image

I created CI package for YWAM Restenäs. YWAM Restenäs is a branch campus of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Universities. It is also a headquarter base of the Northern Europe region of the YWAM.

First, I worked closely with leadership team and board members of YWAM Restenäs to create identity in one sentence.

Tove Poulsen, who is the campus director at YWAM Restenäs concluded sentence as following: "A tree, it is quite a flexible tree, ready for more leaves and branches. It is a tree with deep roots, able to break up the hardness of the soil of the earth and produces seeds that can multiply anywhere. Finally, it is a tree that can provide stability and the shade of protection."

The tree is a new corporate image of the YWAM Restenäs. In this process, multiple prototypes has been made and surveyed with Swedish youth groups, main target group of the organization.


With final version of CI image, I also created CI color palette and visual guidelines as part of the CI package. It is now being used as a main image of the organization.

After establishing CI package, I created template for business card, newsletter and other marketing materials with CI.