Interaction and Visual Design


YWAM Restenäs had two years long dragged website project that never finished. When I took this project in charge, the work in process format was already too old to use. I created design template can be coded with Wordpress in an idea that anyone can maintain the website easily.

Another challenge was organization's complex structure. YWAM Restenas is it's own NGO in Sweden but it is also a campus of UofN and a base of YWAM mission organization. After intensive two months long discussions with leadership team, I came up with an wire frame of the website. Then led a team of editors, photographers, translators to work on the website.

I have launched a new website of the campus in accordance of the CI package.


I create this website with photo based knowing that there are many photographers at the campus more than illustrators. So it would be much easier to keep it up to date. The website has been handed to Communication Team at the campus after my departure in 2012.

Project Manager, UX/UI Design
13 months / 2011-2012